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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-1983THE 23 NOVEMBER 1980 SOUTHERN ITALY EARTHQUAKEDel Pezzo, E.* ; Iannaccone, G.* ; Martini, M.* ; Scarpa, R.* 
20192D kernel-based imaging of coda-Q space variations in the Gargano Promontory (Southern Italy)Filippucci, Marilena* ; Del Pezzo, Edoardo* ; de Lorenzo, Salvatore* ; Tallarico, Andrea* 
20213-D Q-coda attenuation structure at Mt. Etna (Italy)Giampiccolo, Elisabetta* ; Del Pezzo, Edoardo* ; Tuvè, Tiziana* ; Di Grazia, Giuseppe* ; Ibanez, Jesús M* 
200730 years of coda observations: Qc, Qi and QsDel Pezzo, E.* ; Bianco, F.* 
2015The 3D Attenuation Structure of Deception Island (Antarctica)Prudencio, J.* ; De Siena, L.* ; Ibanez, J. M.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* ; Garcia-Yeguas, A.* ; Diaz-Moreno, A.* 
20093D Scattering Image of Mt. VesuviusTramelli, A.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* ; Fehler, M. C.* 
20063D scattering image of the Campi Flegrei caldera (Southern Italy)New hints on the position of the old caldera rimTramelli, A.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* ; Bianco, F.* ; Boschi, E.* 
20213D-Kernel Based Imaging of an Improved Estimation of (Qc) in the Northern Apulia (Southern Italy)Filippucci, Marilena* ; Lucente, Salvatore* ; Del Pezzo, Edoardo* ; de Lorenzo, Salvatore* ; Prosser, Giacomo* ; Tallarico, Andrea* 
2009Analysis of the seismic wavefield properties of volcanic explosions at Volc ´an de Colima,Mexico: insights into the source mechanismPalo, M.* ; Ibanez, J. M.* ; Cisneros, M.* ; Breton, M.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* ; Ocana, E.* ; Orozco-Rojas, J.* ; Posadas, A. M.* 
2014ANNALS OF GEOPHYSICS: AD MAJORAFlorindo, F.* ; Bianco, F.* ; De Michelis, P.* ; Masina, S.* ; Muscari, G.* ; Caprara, F.* ; Chiodetti, A. G.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* ; Gresta, S.* 
2010Anomalous character of the coda envelopes onMt Vesuvius explained in terms of depth dependent QTramelli, A.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* ; Galluzzo, D.* ; Fehler, M. C.* 
2006Application of the spac method to ambient noise recorded in the vesuvius area (italy)Maresca, R.* ; Nardone, L.* ; Galluzzo, D.* ; La Rocca, M.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* 
5-Jun-2010Array analysis and precise source location of deep tremor in CascadiaLa Rocca, M.* ; Galluzzo, D.* ; Malone, S.* ; McCausland, W.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* 
Jan-1999Array analysis using circular-wave-front geometry: an application to locate the nearby seismo-volcanic sourceAlmendros, J.*; Ibanez, J.*; Alguacil, G.*; Del Pezzo, E.* 
15-Nov-2005Array measurements of deep tremor signals in the Cascadia subduction zoneLa Rocca, M.* ; McCausland, W.* ; Galluzzo, D.* ; Malone, S.* ; Saccorotti, G.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* 
1997Array tracking of the volcanic tremor source at Deception Island AntarcticaAlmendros, J.* ; Ibanez, J.* ; Alguacil, G.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* ; Ortiz, R.* 
Jan-2015Attenuation and velocity structure from diffuse coda waves: Constraints from underground array dataGalluzzo, D.* ; La Rocca, M.* ; Margerin, L.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* ; Scarpa, R.* 
2014The attenuation mechanism of S-waves in the source zone of the 1999 Chamoli earthquakeMukhopadhyay, S.* ; Kumar, A.* ; Garg, A.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* ; Kayal, J. R.* 
Jul-1999Attenuation of short-period seismic waves at Mt. Vesuvius, ItalyBianco, F.* ; Castellano, M.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* ; Ibanez, J.*
2006Attenuation study in the Straits of Messina area (southern Italy)Tuvè, T.* ; Bianco, F.* ; Ibañez, J. M.* ; Patanè, D.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* ; Bottari, A.*