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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Mar-201211 maggio 2011: il terremoto previsto e l’Open Day all’INGVNostro, C.* ; Amato, A.* ; Cultrera, G.* ; Margheriti, L.* ; Selvaggi, G.* ; Arcoraci, L.* ; Casarotti, E.* ; Di Stefano, R.* ; Cerrato, S.* ; 11 maggio team, .* ; 11 maggio team, .* 
6-Sep-2010Accounting for rupture directivity in ShakeMapSpagnuolo, Elena* ; Faenza, Licia* ; Cultrera, Giovanna* ; Michelini, Alberto* ; Herrero, André* ; Saraò, Angela* 
Sep-2013Accounting for source effects in the ShakeMap procedure: the 2000 Tottori and the 2008 Miyagi earthquakesSpagnuolo, E.* ; Faenza, L.* ; Cultrera, G.* ; Herrero, A.* ; Michelini, A.* 
Oct-2010Analisi statistica degli effetti di sito da dati di terremoti e di rumore ambientale.De Rubeis, V.* ; Cultrera, G.* ; Theodoulidis, N.* ; Bard, P.-Y.* ; Cadet, H.* 
13-Nov-2007Approcci deterministici per la stima del moto del suolo: vantaggi e limitiPacor, F.* ; Cultrera, G.* ; Emolo, A.* ; Franceschina, G.* ; Herrero, A.* 
2005Assessment of Ground Motion in Palermo, Italy, during the 6 September 2002 Mw 5.9 Earthquake Using Source Scaling LawCalderoni, Giovanna* ; Rovelli, Antonio* ; Cultrera, Giovanna* ; Azzara, Riccardo Mario* ; Di Giulio, Giuseppe* 
2003Azimuth-dependent amplification of weak and strong ground motions within a fault zone (Nocera Umbra, central Italy)Cultrera, G.* ; Rovelli, A.* ; Mele, G.* ; Azzara, R.* ; Caserta, A.* ; Marra, F.* 
2018Basin effects on ground motion: the case of a high-resolution experiment in Cephalonia (Greece)Theodoulidis, Nikos* ; Cultrera, Giovanna* ; Cornou, Cécile* ; Bard, P. Y.* ; Boxberger, T.* ; Di Giulio, Giuseppe* ; Imtiaz, A.* ; Kementzetzidou, D.* ; Makra, K.* 
31-Jul-2017Bayesian rupture imaging in a complex medium: The 29 May 2012 Emilia, Northern Italy, earthquakeCausse, Mathieu* ; Cultrera, Giovanna* ; Moreau, Ludovic* ; Herrero, André* ; Schiappapietra, Erika* ; Courboulex, Francoise* 
Dec-2019Best practice and quality assessment procedures for site characterization at seismic station: an European initiativeCultrera, Giovanna* ; Di Giulio, Giuseppe* ; Cornou, Cécile* ; Bard, Pierre-Yves* ; Al Tfaily, Bilal* 
Aug-2016Broadband site effect assessment: comparison between approaches based on earthquakes and microtremors on two sitesPerron, Vincent* ; Gélis, Céline* ; Hollender, Fabrice* ; Bard, Pierre-Yves* ; Froment, Bérénice* ; Cushing, Edward Marc* ; Cultrera, Giovanna* 
2012Building damage scenarios based on exploitation of Housner intensity derived from finite faults ground motion simulationsChiauzzi, L.* ; Masi, A.* ; Mucciarelli, M.* ; Vona, M.* ; Pacor, F.* ; Cultrera, G.* ; Gallovic, F.* ; Emolo, A.* 
2018Can broad-band earthquake site responses be predicted by the ambient noise spectral ratio? Insight from observations at two sedimentary basinsPerron, Vincent* ; Gélis, Céline* ; Froment, Bérénice* ; Hollender, Fabrice* ; Bard, Pierre-Yves* ; Cultrera, Giovanna* ; Cushing, Edward Marc* 
Jun-2011The contribution of seismic data in microzonation studiesfor downtown L’AquilaMilana, G.* ; Azzara, R. M.* ; Bertrand, E.* ; Bordoni, P.* ; Cara, F.* ; Cogliano, R.* ; Cultrera, G.* ; Di Giulio, G.* ; Duval, A. M.* ; Fodarella, A.* ; Marcucci, S.* ; Pucillo, S.* ; Régnier, J.* ; Riccio, G.* 
2008Correlation between damage distribution and ambient noise H/V spectral ratio: the SESAME project resultsTheodoulidis, N.* ; Cultrera, G.* ; De Rubeis, V.* ; Cara, F.* ; Panou, A.* ; Pagani, M.* ; Teves-Costa, P.* 
27-Jan-2023CRISP: an archive for the site characterization of permanent Italian seismic stationsMercuri, Alessia* ; Cultrera, Giovanna* ; Minarelli, Luca* ; Quintiliani, Matteo* ; Bordoni, Paola* ; Famiani, Daniela* ; Casale, Paolo* ; Pischiutta, Marta* ; Ladina, Chiara* ; Cara, Fabrizio* ; Di Giulio, Giuseppe* ; Pucillo, Stefania* ; Tarabusi, Gabriele* ; INGV CRISP WORKING GROUP* 
Jun-2008Deterministic Ground-Motion Scenarios for Engineering Applications: The Case of Thessaloniki, GreeceAmeri, G.* ; Pacor, F.* ; Cultrera, G.* ; Franceschina, G.* 
19-Jul-2007DETERMINISTIC SCENARIOS AS INPUT MOTION FOR LOSS ASSESSMENTAmeri, G.* ; Akinci, A.* ; Cocco, M.* ; Cultrera, G.* ; Franceschina, G.* ; Lombardi, A.* ; Pacor, F.* ; Pessina, V.* ; Zonno, G.* 
15-Oct-2009Directivity effects for moderate-magnitude earthquakes (Mw 5.6–6.0) during the 1997 Umbria–Marche sequence, central ItalyCultrera, G.* ; Pacor, F.* ; Franceschina, G.* ; Emolo, A.* ; Cocco, M.*