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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2013A ~125° post-early Serravallian counterclockwise rotation of the Gorgoglione Formation (Southern Apennines, Italy): New constraints for the formation of the Calabrian ArcMaffione, M.* ; Speranza, F.* ; Cascella, A.* ; Longhitano, S. G.* ; Chiarella, D.* 
Feb-2010Astrochronology of the Mediterranean Langhian between 15.29 and 14.17 MaHüsing, S. K.* ; Cascella, A.* ; Hilgen, F. J.* ; Krijgsman, W.* ; Kuiper, K. F.* ; Turco, E.* ; Wilson, D.* 
May-2010Astronomical tuning of the La Vedova High Cliff Section (Ancona, Italy) - Implications of the Middle Miocene Climate Transition for Mediterranean sapropel formationMourik, A. A.* ; Bijkerk, J. F.* ; Cascella, A.* ; Hüsing, S. K.* ; Hilgen, F. J.* ; Lourens, L. J.* ; Turco, E.* 
15-Aug-2010Astronomical tuning of the La Vedova High Cliff section (Ancona, Italy)—Implications of the Middle Miocene Climate Transition for Mediterranean sapropel formationMourik, A. A.* ; Bijkerk, J. F.* ; Cascella, A.* ; Hüsing, S. K.* ; Hilgen, F. J.* ; Lourens, L. J.* ; Turco, E.* 
Jan-2017Astronomical tuning of the La Vedova section between 16.3 and 15.0 Ma. Implications for the origin of megabeds and the Langhian GSSPTurco, Elena* ; Husing, Silja* ; Hilgen, Frederik* ; Cascella, Antonio* ; Gennari, Rocco* ; Iaccarino, Silvia Maria* ; Sagnotti, Leonardo* 
24-May-2012BIO-MAGNETO-STRATIGRAPHY OF THE LOWER MIOCENE “LA MORIA” SECTION (UMBRO-MARCHE APENNINE, CENTRAL ITALY)Di Stefano, A.* ; Maniscalco, R.* ; Speranza, F.* ; Maffione, M.* ; Cascella, A.* ; Foresi, L. M.* ; Lirer, F.* ; Verducci, M.* 
Jul-2003Biomonitoring of traffic air pollution in Rome using magnetic properties of tree leavesMoreno, E.* ; Sagnotti, L.* ; Dinarès-Turell, J.* ; Winkler, A.* ; Cascella, A.* 
2011Calcareous plankton events at the Early/Middle Miocene transition of DSDP Hole 608: comparison with Mediterranean successions for definition of the Langhian GSSPDi Stefano, A.* ; Verducci, M.* ; Cascella, A.* ; Iaccarino, S. M.* 
2014Coccolithophores from near the Volturno estuary (central Tyrrhenian Sea)Bonomo, S.* ; Cascella, Antonio* ; Alberico, I.* ; Ferraro, L.* ; Giordano, L.* ; Lirer, F.* ; Vallefuoco, M.* ; Marsella, E.* 
2011High-resolution integrated stratigraphy of the upper Burdigalian-lower Langhian in the Mediterranean: the Langhian historical stratotype and new candidate sections for defining its GSSPIaccarino, S. M.* ; Di Stefano, A.* ; Foresi, L. M.* ; Turco, E.* ; Baldassini, N.* ; Cascella, A.* ; Da Prato, S.* ; Ferraro, L.* ; Gennari, R.* ; Hilgen, F. J.* ; Lirer, F.* ; Maniscalco, R.* ; Mazzei, R.* ; Riforgiato, F.* ; Russo, B.* ; Sagnotti, L.* ; Salvatorini, G.* ; Speranza, F.* ; Verducci, M.* 
Mar-2009Integrated calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy and magnetostratigraphy from the uppermost marine Eocene deposits of the southeastern Pyrenean foreland basin: evidences for marine Priabonian depositionCascella, A.* ; Dinarès-Turell, J.* 
2013Integrated stratigraphy for the Late Quaternary in the eastern Tyrrhenian SeaLirer, F.* ; Sprovieri, M.* ; Ferraro, L.* ; Vallefuoco, M.* ; Capotondi, L.* ; Cascella, A.* ; Petrosino, P.* ; Insinga, D. D.* ; Pelosi, N.* ; Tamburrino, S.* ; Lubritto, C.* 
Jul-2012Integrated stratigraphy of Middle-Late Miocene synorogenic deposits of the Eastern Southern Apennine Chain: The San Bartolomeo FlyschCascella, A.* ; Lirer, F.* ; Cesarano, M.* ; Casciello, E.* ; Pappone, G.* 
2011Integrated stratigraphy of the La Vedova section (Conero Riviera, Italy) and implications for the Burdigalian/Langhian boundaryTurco, E.* ; Cascella, A.* ; Gennari, R.* ; Hilgen, F. J.* ; Iaccarino, S. M.* ; Sagnotti, L.* 
6-Sep-2010Integrated stratigraphy of the middle - upper Miocene deposits of San Bartolomeo Formation, cropping out whithin the geological map n.405 Campobasso (Molise, Ssouthern Italy)CASCELLA, A.* ; LIRER, F.* ; CESARANO, M.* ; PAPPONE, G.* 
Oct-2016Kinematics of a former oceanic plate of the Neotethys revealed by deformation in the Ulukışla basin (Turkey)Gürer, Derya* ; van Hinsbergen, Douwe J. J.* ; Matenco, Liviu* ; Corfu, Fernando* ; Cascella, Antonio* 
2018Late Heocene forest dynamics in the Gulf of Gaeta (Central Mediterranean) in relation to NAO variabilty and human impact.Di Rita, Federico* ; Lirer, F.* ; Bonomo, S.* ; Cascella, Antonio* ; Ferraro, L.* ; Florindo, Fabio* ; Insinga, Donatella Domenica* ; Lurcock, Pontus Conrad* ; Margaritelli, G.* ; Petrosino, P.* ; Rettorti, R.* ; Vallefuoco, M.* ; Magri, D.* 
2018Live benthic foraminifera from the Volturno River mouth (central Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)Ferraro, Luciana* ; Bonomo, Sergio* ; Alberico, Ines* ; Cascella, Antonio* ; Giordano, Laura* ; Lirer, Fabrizio* ; Vallefuoco, Mattia* 
Jun-2018Living and thanatocoenosis coccolithophore communities in a neritic area of the central Tyrrhenian SeaBonomo, Sergio* ; Cascella, Antonio* ; Alberico, Ines* ; Lirer, Fabrizio* ; Vallefuoco, Mattia* ; Marsella, Ennio* ; Ferraro, Luciana* 
2016Marine response to climate changes during the last five millennia in the central Mediterranean SeaMargaritelli, G.* ; Vallefuoco, M.* ; Di Rita, F.* ; Capotondi, L.* ; Bellucci, L. G.* ; Insinga, D. D.* ; Petrosino, P.* ; Bonomo, S.* ; Cacho, I.* ; Cascella, Antonio* ; Ferraro, L.* ; Florindo, Fabio* ; Lubritto, C.* ; Lurcock, Pontus Conrad* ; Magri, D.* ; Pelosi, N.* ; Rettori, R.* ; Lirer, F.*