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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A 2-D FEM thermal model to simulate water flow in a porous media: Campi Flegrei caldera case studyRomano, V.* ; Tammaro, U.* ; Capuano, P.* 
2006A 3D velocity model for earthquake location in Campi Flegrei area: application to the 1982-84 uplift eventSatriano, C.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Capuano, P.* ; Russo, G.* ; Vanorio, T.* ; Caielli, G.* ; Lovisa, L.* ; Moretti, M.* 
2016Atmospheric Precipitable Water in Somma-Vesuvius Area During Extreme Weather Events from Ground-Based GPS MeasurementsTammaro, Umberto* ; Riccardi, U.* ; Masson, F.* ; Capuano, P.* ; Boy, J. P.* 
2006Campi Flegrei active seismic experiments waveforms compilationCapuano, P.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Auger, E.* ; Caielli, G.* ; Chiarabba, C.* ; Convertito, V.* ; D’Auria, L.* ; De Franco, R.* ; Emolo, A.* ; Judenherc, S.* ; Lovisa, L.* ; Makris, J.* ; Michelini, A.* ; Moretti, M.* ; Priolo, E.* ; Russo, G.* ; Virieux, J.* 
Jul-2015Coarse grained parameters for detection of volcano-tectonic activity inferred by CICACapuano, Paolo* ; De Lauro, Enza* ; De Martino, Salvatore* ; Falanga, Mariarosaria* ; Petrosino, Simona* 
2017Convolutive independent component analysis for processing massive datasets: a case study at Campi Flegrei (Italy)Capuano, P.* ; De Lauro, E.* ; De Martino, S.* ; Falanga, M.* ; Petrosino, Simona* 
2013Defining a 3D physical model for the hydrothermal circulation at Campi Flegrei caldera (Italy)Petrillo, Z.* ; Chiodini, G.* ; Mangiacapra, A.* ; Caliro, S.* ; Capuano, P.* ; Russo, G.* ; Cardellini, C.* ; Avino, R.* 
Jun-1999A detailed analysis of some local earthquakes at Somma-VesuviusCapuano, P.* ; Coppa, U.* ; De Natale, G.* ; Di Sena, F.* ; Godano, C.* ; Troise, C.* 
Sep-2013Evaluation of the atmospheric precipitable water at local scale during extreme weather using groundbased CGPS measurementsRiccardi, U.* ; Tammaro, U.* ; Capuano, P.* 
2010Ground deformation analysis at Campi Flegrei (Southern Italy) by CGPS and tide-gauge networkPingue, F.* ; De Natale, G.* ; Obrizzo, F.* ; Troise, C.* ; Capuano, P.* ; De Martino, P.* ; Tammaro, U.* 
2000Inferences on upper crustal structure of the Southern Apennines (Italy) from seismic refraction investigations and subsurface dataImprota, L.* ; Iannaccone, G.* ; Capuano, P.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Scandone, P.* 
Apr-2008Influence of topography on ground deformation at Mt.Vesuvius (Italy) by finite element modellingMeo, M.* ; Tammaro, U.* ; Capuano, P.* 
11-Oct-2002An integrated geophysical investigation of the upper crust in the epicentral area of the 1980, Ms=6.9, Irpinia earthquake (Southern Italy)Improta, L.* ; Bonagura, M. T.* ; Capuano, P.* ; Iannaccone, G.* 
1993La magnetotellurica e l'esplorazione della litosferaCapuano, P.* ; Gasparini, P.* 
Sep-2014Non-geodetic” approaches in the analysis of terrestrial CDGPS data for the retrieval of the atmospheric precipitable water at local scale during severe weather phenomenaTammaro, U.* ; Riccardi, U.* ; Sorrentino, V.* ; Forte, I.* ; Capuano, P.* 
2018Non-isothermal momentum transfer and ground displacements rate at Campi Flegrei caldera (Southern Italy)Romano, V.* ; Tammaro, Umberto* ; Riccardi, U.* ; Capuano, P.* 
Oct-1998A P-wave velocity model of the upper crust of the Sannio region (Southern Apennines, Italy)Iannaccone, G.* ; Improta, L.* ; Capuano, P.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Biella, G.* ; De Franco, R.* ; Deschamps, A.* ; Cocco, M.* ; Mirabile, L.* ; Romeo, R.* 
Apr-2016Processing of massive seismic datasets at Campi Flegrei (Italy) through Convolutive Indepedent Component AnalysisCapuano, Paolo* ; De Lauro, Enza* ; De Martino, Salvatore* ; Falanga, Mariarosaria* ; Petrosino, Simona* 
2006A rock physics and seismic tomography study to characterize the structure of the Campi Flegrei calderaVanorio, T.* ; Virieux, J.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Capuano, P.* ; Russo, R.* 
Dec-1994Source characteristics of moderate size events using empirical Green funclions: an application to some Guerrero (Mexico) subduction zone earthquakesCapuano, P.* ; Zollo, A.* ; Singh, S. K.*