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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20053D dynamic simulations of spontaneous rupture propagation governed by different constitutive laws with rake rotation allowedBizzarri, A.* ; Cocco, M.* 
Jun-2012Analytical representation of the fault slip velocity from spontaneous dynamic earthquake modelsBizzarri, A. 
Aug-2014Anthropogenic triggering of large earthquakesMulargia, F.* ; Bizzarri, A.* 
Dec-2013Calculation of the local rupture speed of dynamically propagating earthquakesBizzarri, A 
4-Jun-2009Can flash heating of asperity contacts prevent melting?Bizzarri, A. 
3-Aug-2010Coherence of Mach fronts during heterogeneous supershear earthquake rupture propagation: Simulations and comparison with observationsBizzarri, A.* ; Dunham, E. M.* ; Spudich, P.* 
22-Jul-2005Comment on " Earthquake cycles and physica modeling of the process leading up to a large earthquakeBizzarri, A.* ; Cocco, M.* 
6-Dec-2010Comparison between Different heat source functions in thermal conduction problemsBizzarri, A. 
Oct-2014The destiny of a clast within a molten pseudotachylyte VeinBizzarri, A 
Sep-2010Determination of the temperature field due to frictional heating on a sliding interfaceBizzarri, A. 
Sep-2010Determination of the temperature field due to frictional heating on a sliding interfaceBizzarri, A. 
1-Jul-1998Dinamica dei processi di fagliazione: simulazione dei meccanismi di frattura durante un terremotoBizzarri, A. 
Feb-2011Dynamic seismic ruptures on melting fault zonesBizzarri, A. 
24-Apr-2005The early events after the June 17 2000 mainshock in South Iceland: constraints for instantaneous dynamic triggering with rate- and state-dependent frictionBelardinelli, M. E.* ; Antonioli, A.* ; Bizzarri, A.* ; Vogfjord, K. S.* 
1-Mar-2003Earthquake dynamics and fault interactionsBizzarri, A. 
1-Mar-2003Earthquake dynamics and fault interactions - Part IIBizzarri, A. 
2021Earthquake dynamics constrained from laboratory experiments: new insights from granular materialsBizzarri, Andrea* ; Petri, Alberto* ; Baldassarri, Andrea* 
2016Earthquake frictionMulargia, F.* ; Bizzarri, A.* 
May-2012Effects of permeability and porosity evolution on simulated earthquakesBizzarri, A. 
7-May-2008Effects of supershear rupture speed on the high-frequency content of S waves investigated using spontaneous dynamic rupture models and isochrone theoryBizzarri, A.* ; Spudich, P.*