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AuthorsVeneziani, M.* 
Amblard, A.* 
Cooray, A.* 
Piacentini, F.* 
Pietrobon, D.* 
Serra, P.* 
Ade, P. A. R.* 
Bock, J. J.* 
Bond, J. R.* 
Borrill, J.* 
Boscaleri, A.* 
Cabella, P.* 
Contaldi, C. R.* 
Crill, B. P.* 
de Bernardis, P.* 
De Gasperis, G.* 
de Oliveira-Costa, A.* 
De Troia, G.* 
Di Stefano, G.* 
Ganga, K. M.* 
Hivon, E.* 
Jones, W. C.* 
Kisner, T. S.* 
Lange, A. E.* 
MacTavish, C. J.* 
Masi, S.* 
Mauskopf, P. D* 
Melchiorri, A.* 
Montroy, T. E.* 
Natoli, P.* 
Netterfield, C. B.* 
Pascale, E.* 
Polenta, G.* 
Ricciardi, S.* 
Romeo, G.* 
Ruhl, J. E* 
Santini, P.* 
Tegmark, M.* 
Vittorio, N.* 
TitleSubdegree Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Signal from Multifrequency BOOMERanG observations
Issue Date1-Sep-2009
Series/Report no.ApJ 702
Keywordscosmic microwave background
cosmological parameters
cosmology: observations
large-scale structure of universe
Subject Classification05. General::05.07. Space and Planetary sciences::05.07.99. General or miscellaneous 
AbstractThe Sunyaev–Zel’dovich (SZ) effect is the inverse Compton-scattering of cosmic microwave background(CMB) photons by hot electrons in the intervening gas throughout the universe. The effect has a distinct spectral signature that allows its separation from other signals in multifrequency CMB datasets. Using CMB anisotropies measured at three frequencies by the BOOMERANG 2003 flight we constrain SZ fluctuations in the 10 arcmin to 1 deg angular range. Propagating errors and potential systematic effects through simulations, we obtain an overall upper limit of 15.3 μK (2sigma) for rms SZ fluctuations in a broad bin between multipoles of 250 and 1200 at the Rayleigh-Jeans (RJ) end of the spectrum. The resulting upper limit on the local universe normalization of the density perturbations with BOOMERANG SZ data alone is sigma_sz_8 < 1.14 at the 95% confidence level. When combined with other CMB anisotropy and SZ measurements, we find sigma_SZ_8 < 0.92 (95% c.l.).
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