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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jun-2017Aftershocks, groundwater changes and postseismic ground displacements related to pore pressure gradients: Insights from the 2012 Emilia-Romagna earthquakeAlbano, Matteo* ; Barba, Salvatore* ; Solaro, Giuseppe* ; Pepe, Antonio* ; Bignami, Christian* ; Moro, Marco* ; Saroli, Michele* ; Stramondo, Salvatore* 
31-May-2017Seismic sequences and swarms in the Latium-Abruzzo-Molise Apennines (central Italy): New observations and analysis from a dense monitoring of the recent activityFrepoli, Alberto* ; Cimini, G. B.* ; De Gori, P.* ; De Luca, G.* ; Marchetti, A.* ; Monna, S.* ; Montuori, C.* ; Pagliuca, N. M.* 
20-Apr-2017The environmental and evolutionary history of Lake Ohrid (FYROM/Albania): interim results from the SCOPSCO deep drilling projectWagner, Bernd* ; Wilke, Thomas* ; Francke, Alexander* ; Albrecht, Christian* ; Baumgarten, Henrike* ; Bertini, Adele* ; Combourieu-Nebout, Nathalie* ; Cvetkoska, Aleksandra* ; D'Addabbo, Michele* ; Donders, Timme H.* ; Föller, Kirstin* ; Giaccio, Biagio* ; Grazhdani, Andon* ; Hauffe, Torsten* ; Holtvoeth, Jens* ; Joannin, Sebastien* ; Jovanovska, Elena* ; Just, Janna* ; Kouli, Katerina* ; Koutsodendris, Andreas* ; Krastel, Sebastian* ; Lacey, Jack H.* ; Leicher, Niklas* ; Leng, Melanie J.* ; Levkov, Zlatko* ; Lindhorst, Katja* ; Masi, Alessia* ; Mercuri, Anna M.* ; Nomade, Sebastien* ; Nowaczyk, Norbert* ; Panagiotopoulos, Konstantinos* ; Peyron, Odile* ; Reed, Jane M.* ; Regattieri, Eleonora* ; Sadori, Laura* ; Sagnotti, Leonardo* ; Stelbrink, Björn* ; Sulpizio, Roberto* ; Tofilovska, Slavica* ; Torri, Paola* ; Vogel, Hendrik* ; Wagner, Thomas* ; Wagner-Cremer, Friederike* ; Wolff, George A.* ; Wonik, Thomas* ; Zanchetta, Giovanni* ; Zhang, Xiaosen S.* 
Jan-2017Astronomical tuning of the La Vedova section between 16.3 and 15.0 Ma. Implications for the origin of megabeds and the Langhian GSSPTurco, Elena* ; Husing, Silja* ; Hilgen, Frederik* ; Cascella, Antonio* ; Gennari, Rocco* ; Iaccarino, Silvia Maria* ; Sagnotti, Leonardo* 
7-Jun-2017Il sistema elettronico per l'alimentazione, il controllo e l'acquisizione dati del nuovo Osservatorio multidisciplinare di Portopalo di CapopasseroGiovanetti, Gabriele* ; Apponi, Umberto* ; Marcucci, Nicola Mario* 
Apr-2017Ground-motion variability for single site and single source through deterministic stochastic method simulations: implications for PSHAD'Amico, Maria* ; Tiberti, Mara Monica* ; Russo, Emiliano* ; Pacor, Francesca* ; Basili, Roberto* 
21-Mar-2017Discriminating between natural and anthropogenic earthquakes: insights from the Emilia Romagna (Italy) 2012 seismic sequenceAlbano, Matteo* ; Barba, Salvatore* ; Tarabusi, Gabriele* ; Saroli, Michele* ; Stramondo, Salvatore* 
9-May-2017The combined inversion of seismological and GOCE gravity data: New insights into the current state of the Pacific lithosphere and upper mantleTondi, Rosaria* ; Gilardoni, Maddalena* ; Reguzzoni, MIrko* 
17-Apr-2017Biomagnetic monitoring and element content of lichen transplants in a mixed land use area of NE ItalyKodnik, Danijela* ; Winkler, Aldo* ; Candotto Carniel, Fabio* ; Tretiach, Mauro* 
Feb-2017Chemical parameters as natural tracers in hydrogeology: a case study of Louros karst system, GreeceKatsanou, K.* ; Lambrakis, N.* ; D'Alessandro, W.* ; Siavalas, G.* 
28-Nov-2016Thermospheric parameters long-term variations retrieved from ionospheric observations in EuropeMikhailov, Andrey* ; Perrone, Loredana* 
1-Apr-2017A mechanism of midlatitude noontime foE long-term variations inferred from European observationsMikhailov, Andrei* ; Perrone, Loredana* ; Nusinov, A.* 
28-Jul-2016Geomagnetic control of the midlatitude daytime foF1 and foF2 long-term variations: Physical interpretation using European observationsMikhailov, Andrey* ; Perrone, Loredana* 
6-Apr-2017Preliminary geochemical characterization of groundwater drained by the Roman emissary of Lake Albano (Italy)Madonia, Paolo* ; Cangemi, Marianna* ; Galeazzi, Carla* ; Germani, Carlo* ; Parise, Mario* ; Favara, Rocco* 
2017Statistical analysis of geomagnetic field intensity differences between ASM and VFM instruments onboard Swarm constellationDe Michelis, Paola* ; Consolini, Giuseppe* ; Tozzi, Roberta* 
2016The TOMO-ETNA experiment: an imaging active campaign at Mt. Etna volcano. Context, main objectives, working-plans and involved research projectsIbáñez, J.* ; Prudencio, J.* ; Díaz-Moreno, A.* ; Patanè, D.* ; Puglisi, G.* ; Lühr, B.* ; Carrión, F.* ; Dañobeitia, J. J.* ; Coltelli, M.* ; Bianco, F.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* ; Dahm, T.* ; Willmott, V.* ; Mazauric, V.* 
17-Feb-2016On the transition from strombolian to fountaining activity: a thermal energy-based driverBombrum, M.* ; Spampinato, L.* ; Harris, A.* ; Barra, V.* ; Caltabiano, T.* 
2016The explosive activity of the 1669 Monti Rossi eruption at Mt. Etna (Italy)Mulas, M. ; Cioni, R. ; Andronico, D. ; Mundula, F. 
2016Quantifying unsteadiness and dynamics of pulsatory volcanic activityDominguez, L. ; Pioli, L. ; Bonadonna, C. ; Connor, C. B. ; Andronico, D. ; Harris, A. J. L. ; Ripepe, M. 
2016Stronger or longer: Discriminating between Hawaiian and Strombolian eruption stylesHoughton, B. F.* ; Taddeucci, J.* ; Andronico, D.* ; Gonnermann, H. M.* ; Pistolesi, M.* ; Patrick, M. R.* ; Orr, T. R.* ; Swanson, D. A.* ; Edmonds, M.* ; Gaudin, D.* ; Carey, R. J.* ; Scarlato, P.* 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 5139