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AuthorsAmeri, G.* 
Akinci, A.* 
Cocco, M.* 
Cultrera, G.* 
Franceschina, G.* 
Pacor, F.* 
Pessina, V.* 
Lombardi, A. M.* 
Zonno, G.* 
TitleCreation of earthquake ground motion scenarios
Other TitlesApplications: ground motion scenarios for selected cities
Issue DateJul-2007
Keywordsdeterministic shaking scenarios
broad band
Subject Classification04. Solid Earth::04.06. Seismology::04.06.04. Ground motion 
AbstractIllustrates are the salient features and results of the pllication of high and low frequency numerical simulation approaches to the creation of ground motion scenarios to the urban area of Thessaloniki. The results are displayed in terms of time histories and response spectra at selected sites, and maps of peak values and permanents ground displacemnets. Uncertentainties in the scenario predictions are also considered.
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