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1Aug-2009Climate of the upper atmosphereBremer, J.* ; Lăstovička, J.* ; Mikhailov, A. V.* ; Altadill, D.* ; Bencze, P.* ; Burešová, D.* ; De Franceschi, G.* ; Jacobi, C.* ; Kouris, S.* ; Perrone, L.* ; Turunen, E.* 
28-Jun-2011FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC E region observations and daytime foE at middle latitudesPerrone, L.* ; Mikhailov, A. V.* ; Korsunova, L. P.* 
32004Long-term trends in the ionosphere and upper atmosphere parametersBremer, J.* ; Alfonsi, Lu.* ; Bencze, P.* ; Lastovicka, J.* ; Mikhailov, A. V.* ; Rogers, N.* 
418-Mar-2011On the mechanism of seasonal and solar cycle NmF2 variations: A quantitative estimate of the main parameters contribution using incoherent scatter radar observationsMikhailov, A. V.* ; Perrone, L.* 
518-Mar-2009Pre-storm NmF2 enhancements at middle latitudes: delusion or reality?Mikhailov, A. V.* ; Perrone, L.* 
6Jun-2012Retrieval of thermospheric parameters from routine ionospheric observations: assessment of method’s performance at mid-latitudes daytime hoursMikhailov, A. V.* ; Belehaki, A.* ; Perrone, L.* ; Zolesi, B.* ; Tsagouri, I.* 
72004A revised method to extract thermospheric parameters from incoherent scatter observationsMikhailov, A. V.* ; Lilensten, J.* 
8Jun-2012Two types of positive disturbances in the daytime mid-latitude F2-layer: Morphology and formation mechanismsMikhailov, A. V.* ; Perrone, L.* ; Smirnova, N. V.* 

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Mikhailov, A. V.
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