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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
124-Feb-20074D simulation of explosive eruption dynamics at VesuviusNeri, A.* ; Esposti Ongaro, T.* ; Menconi, G.* ; De' Michieli Vitturi, M.* ; Cavazzoni, C.* ; Erbacci, G.* ; Baxter, P. J.* 
2Mar-2009An application of parallel computing to the simulation of volcanic eruptionsNeri, A.* ; Esposti Ongaro, T.* ; Nannipieri, L.* ; Cavazzoni, C.* ; Erbacci, G* 
32006Assessing volcanic risk in EuropeNeri, A. 
4Jul-2010Buoni ModelliNeri, A. 
5Oct-2011Comparison of a new expert elicitation model with the Classical Model, equal weights and single experts, using a cross-validation techniqueFlandoli, F.* ; Giorgi, E.* ; Aspinall, W. P.* ; Neri, A.* 
62008Developing an Event Tree for probabilistic hazard and risk assessment at VesuviusNeri, A.* ; Aspinall, W. P.* ; Cioni, R.* ; Bertagnini, A.* ; Baxter, P. J.* ; Zuccaro, G.* ; Andronico, D.* ; Barsotti, S.* ; Cole, P. D.* ; Esposti Ongaro, T.* ; Hincks, T. K.* ; Macedonio, G.* ; Papale, P.* ; Rosi, M.* ; Santacroce, R.* ; Woo, G.* 
715-Aug-2008Effects of conduit geometry on magma ascent dynamics in dome-forming eruptionsDe’ Michieli Vitturi, M.* ; Clarke, A. B.* ; Neri, A.* ; Voight, B.* 
820-Dec-2008Emergency planning and mitigation at Vesuvius: A new evidence-based approachBaxter, P. J.* ; Aspinall, W. P.* ; Neri, A.* ; Zuccaro, G.* ; Spence, R. J. S.* ; Cioni, R.* ; Woo, G.* 
91-Apr-2010Erratum to ‘A multidisciplinary effort to assign realistic source parameters to models of volcanic ash-cloud transport and dispersion during eruptions’ by Mastin et al. [J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res. 188(2009)1–21]Mastin, L. G.* ; Guffanti, M.* ; Servranckx, R.* ; Webley, P.* ; Barsotti, S.* ; Dean, K.* ; Durant, A.* ; Ewert, J. W.* ; Neri, A.* ; Rose, W. I.* ; Schneider, D.* ; Siebert, L.* ; Stunder, B.* ; Swanson, G.* ; Tupper, A.* ; Volentik, A.* ; Waythomas, C. F.* 
102006Eruption early warning at Vesuvius: The A.D. 1631 lessonBertagnini, A.* ; Cioni, R.* ; Guidoboni, E.* ; Rosi, M.* ; Neri, A.* ; Boschi, E.* 
1120-Dec-2008Evaluating explosive eruption risk at European volcanoesBaxter, P. J.* ; Neri, A.* ; Blong, R.* 
122006Explosive researchNeri, A. 
132006È VIVO: Virtual eruptions at Vesuvius; A multimedia tool to illustrate numerical modeling to a general publicTodesco, M.* ; Neri, A.* ; Demaria, C.* ; Marmo, C.* ; Macedonio, G.* 
1421-Mar-2008Fluid dynamics of the 1997 Boxing Day volcanic blast on Montserrat, West IndiesEsposti Ongaro, T.* ; Clarke, A. B.* ; Neri, A.* ; Voight, B.* ; Widiwijayanti, C.* 
152006Il progetto EPLORIS: La ricostruzione virtuale dell'eruzione del VesuvioCavazzoni, C.* ; Erbacci, G.* ; Esposti Ongaro, T.* ; Neri, A.* 
16Sep-2007An immersed boundary method for compressible multiphase flows: application to the dynamics of pyroclastic density currentsDe' Michieli Vitturi, M.* ; Esposti Ongaro, T.* ; Neri, A.* ; Salvetti, M. V.* ; Beux, F.* 
172006Influence of carbon dioxide on the large-scale dynamics of magmatic eruptions at Phlegrean Fields (Italy)Esposti Ongaro, T.* ; Papale, P.* ; Neri, A.* ; Del Seppia, D.* 
182006An interactive virtual Environment to comunicate Vesuvius eruptions numerical simulations and Pompeii historyGuidazzoli, A.* ; Diamanti, T.* ; Delli Ponti, F.* ; Neri, A.* ; Bisson, M.* ; Esposti Ongaro, T.* ; Gori, R.* ; Pareschi, M. T.* ; Calori, L.* ; Imboden, S.* ; Cavazzoni, C.* ; Erbacci, G.* ; Menconi, G.* 
192013Investigation of the complex dynamics and structure of the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanic ash cloud using multispectral images and numerical simulationsSpinetti, C.* ; Barsotti, S.* ; Neri, A.* ; Buongiorno, M. F.* ; Doumaz, F.* ; Nannipieri, L.* 
2020-Aug-2010Lagrangian modeling of large volcanic particles: Application to Vulcanian explosionsDe’ Michieli Vitturi, M.* ; Neri, A.* ; Esposti Ongaro, T.* ; Lo Savio, S.* ; Boschi, E.*