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24-Sep-2012Calibration of input parameters in volcanic areas and an enlarged dataset by stochastic finite-fault simulationsGalluzzo, D.* ; Bianco, F.* ; Cusano, P.* ; Langer, H.* ; Scarfì, L.* ; Tusa, G.* ; Zonno, G.* ; Carvalho, A.* ; Olafsson, S.* ; Rupakhety, R.* ; Sigbjornsson, R.* 
2006CO2 flux measurements in volcanic areas using the dynamic concentration methods: the influence of the soil permeabilityCamarda, M.* ; Gurrieri, S.* ; Valenza, M.* 
15-Aug-2007Gas geochemistry as a tool to investigate the Earth's degassing through volcanic and seismic areas: The soul of the 8th International Conference on Gas GeochemistryItaliano, F.* ; D'Alessandro, W.* ; Martelli, M.* 
2006In situ permeability measurements baed on a radial gas advection model: relationships between soil permeability and diffuse CO2 degassing in volcanic areasCamarda, M.* ; Gurrieri, S.* ; Valenza, M.* 
2006Modelling ground deformations in volcanic areas by using SAR interferogramsNunnari, G.* ; Puglisi, G.* ; Guglielmino, F.* ; Coltelli, M.* 
2009Physical-Mathematical modeling and numerical simulations of stress-strain state in seismic and volcanic regionsScandura, Danila 
26-Nov-2007A uni ed 3D velocity model for the Neapolitan volcanic areas.D'Auria, L.* ; Martini, M.* ; Esposito, A.* ; Ricciolino, P.* ; Giudicepietro, F.* 
13-Apr-2008WiFi data transmission system for monitoring volcanic areas: an example application on Mt. VesuviusScarpato, G.* ; De Cesare, W.* ; Peluso, R.* ; Orazi, M.* ; Caputo, A.* ; Capello, M.* ; Borriello, G.* ; Buonocunto, C.* ; Martini, M.*