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2009Changes in Tropical Cyclone Activity due to Global Warming in a General Circulation ModelGualdi, S.* ; Scoccimarro, E.* ; Navarra, A.* 
Dec-2014Characteristics of tropical cyclones in high-resolution 1 models in the present climateShaevitz, D.* ; Camargo, S.* ; Sobel, A. H.* ; Jonas, J.* ; Kim, D.* ; Kumar, A.* ; LaRow, T.* ; Lim, Y.* ; Murakami, H.* ; Reed, K.* ; Roberts, M. J.* ; Scoccimarro, E.* ; Vidale, P. L.* ; Wang, H.* ; Wehner, M. F.* ; Zhao, M.* ; Henderson, N.* 
Feb-2015Cluster analysis of downscaled and explicitly simulated North Atlantic tropical cyclone tracksDaloz, A. S.* ; Camargo, S.* ; Kossin, J. P.* ; Emanuel, K.* ; Horn, M.* ; Jonas, J. A.* ; Kim, D.* ; Larow, T.* ; Lim, Y-K.* ; Patricola, C. M.* ; Roberts, M. J.* ; Scoccimarro, E.* ; Shaevitz, D.* ; Vidale, P. L.* ; Wehner, M.* ; Zhao, M.* 
Aug-2011Effects of Tropical Cyclones on Ocean Heat Transport in a High-Resolution Coupled General Circulation ModelScoccimarro, E.* ; Gualdi, S.* ; Bellucci, A.* ; Sanna, A.* ; Fogli, P. G.* ; Vichi, M.* ; Oddo, P.* ; Navarra, A.* 
2015Hurricanes and climate: the U.S. CLIVAR working group on hurricanesWalsh, K. J. E.* ; Camargo, S. J.* ; Vecchi, G. A.* ; Daloz, A. S.* ; Elsner, J.* ; Emanuel, K.* ; Horn, M.* ; Lim, Y. K.* ; Roberts, M.* ; Patricola, C.* ; Scoccimarro, E.* ; Sobel, A.* ; Strazzo, S.* ; Villarini, G.* ; Wehner, M.* ; Zhao, M.* ; Kossin, J. P.* ; Larow, T.* ; Oouchi, K.* ; Shubert, S.* ; Wang, H.* ; Bacmeister, J.* ; Chang, P.* ; Chauvin, F.* ; Jablonowski, C.* ; Kumar, A.* ; Murakami, H.* ; Ose, T.* ; Reed, K.* ; Saravanan, R.* ; Yamada, Y.* ; Zarzycki, C. M.* ; Vidale, P. L.* ; Jonas, J. A.* ; Henderson, N.* 
2014Intense precipitation events associated with landfalling tropical cyclones in response to a warmer climate and increased CO2Scoccimarro, E.* ; Gualdi, S.* ; Villarini, G.* ; Vecchi, G. A.* ; Zhao, M.* ; Walsh, K.* ; Navarra, A.* 
2013Resolution dependence of tropical cyclone formation in CMIP3 and finer resolution modelsWalsh, K.* ; Lavander, S.* ; Scoccimarro, E.* 
2014Sensitivity of Tropical Cyclone Rainfall to Idealized Global Scale ForcingsVillarini, G.* ; Lavers, D.* ; Scoccimarro, E.* ; Zhao, M.* ; Wehner, M.* ; Vecchi, G. A.* ; Knutson, T. R.* ; Reed, K.* 
2014Tracking Scheme Dependence of Simulated Tropical Cyclone Response to Idealized Climate SimulationsHorn, M.* ; Walsh, K.* ; Zhao, M.* ; Camargo, S.* ; Scoccimarro, E.* ; Murakami, H.* ; Ballinger, A.* ; Wang, H.* ; Kumar, A.* ; Shaewitz, D.* ; Jonas, J. A.* ; Oouchi, K.* 
Jun-2011The  Tropical  Composite  Cyclones:  the   integrated  effect  of  hurricanes  on  the  ocean-­‐atmosphere  coupled  systemScoccimarro, Enrico 
Apr-2011Tropical  Cyclones  -­‐  Ocean  feedbacks:  Effects  on  the  Ocean  Heat  Transport   as  simulated  by  a  High  Resolution  Coupled  General  Circulation  ModeScoccimarro, Enrico 
Aug-2011Tropical  Cyclones  -­‐  Ocean  feedbacks:  Effects  on  the  Ocean  Heat  Transport   as  simulated  by  a  High  Resolution  Coupled  General  Circulation  ModelScoccimarro, Enrico 
Jun-2011Tropical Cyclone Count Forecasting Using a Dynamical Seasonal Prediction System: Sensitivity to Improved Ocean InitializationAlessandri, A.* ; Borrelli, A.* ; Gualdi, S.* ; Scoccimarro, E.* ; Masina, S.* 
2012Tropical Cyclone Effects on Arctic Sea Ice VariabilityScoccimarro, E.* ; Gualdi, S.* ; Navarra, A.*