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2010Adventive hydrothermal circulation on Stromboli volcano (Aeolian Islands, Italy) revealed by geophysical and geochemical approaches: Implications for general fluid flow models on volcanoesFinizola, A.* ; Ricci, T.* ; Deiana, R.* ; Barde Cabusson, S.* ; Rossi, M.* ; Praticelli, N.* ; Giocoli, A.* ; Romano, G.* ; Delcher, E.* ; Suski, B.* ; Revil, A.* ; Menny, P.* ; Di Gangi, F.* ; Letort, J.* ; Peltier, A.* ; Villasante-Marcos, V.* ; Douillet, G.* ; Avard, G.* ; Lelli, M.* 
2005Air and permafrost temperature at Mt. Melbourne (1989-1998)Gambino, S. 
Feb-1999Algorithms for the inversion of lidar signals: Rayleigh-Mie measurements in the stratosphereMasci, F. 
2004Background electromagnetic noisein the vicinity 1 Hz as a possible indicatorof earthquake-related anomaliesGokhberg, M. B. 
2009The CMCC-INGV Global Ocean Data Assimilation System (CIGODAS)Di Pietro, P.* ; Masina, S.* 
2010Evolution of temperature, O3, CO, and N2O profiles during the exceptional 2009 Arctic major stratospheric warming as observed by lidar and mm-wave spectroscopy at Thule (76.5°N, 68.8°W), Greenland.Di Biagio, C.* ; Muscari, G.* ; di Sarra, A.* ; de Zafra, R. L.* ; Eriksen, P.* ; Fiocco, G.* ; Fiorucci, I.* ; Fuà, D.* 
Oct-2011EXTREME EVENTS AS REPRESENTED BY HIGH RESOLUTION CMCC CLIMATE MODELS AT GLOBAL AND REGIONAL (Euro-Mediterranean) SCALESanna, Antonella* ; Scoccimarro, Enrico* ; Gualdi, Silvio* ; Bellucci, Alessio* ; Montesarchio, Myriam* ; Bucchignani, Edoardo* ; Navarra, Antonio* 
22-May-2006Geographical Information System and Volcanology : Documentation of temperature measurements of the fumaroles at Vulcano island, Italy - a case studyReiter, E. 
5-Oct-2009Global oceanographic variational data assimilation of in-situ observations and space-borne altimeter data for reanalysis applicationsStorto, A.* ; Dobricic, S.* ; Masina, S.* ; Di Pietro, P.* 
2015Hydrothermal fluid flow disruptions evidenced by subsurface changes in heat transfer modality: The La Fossa cone of Vulcano (Italy) case studyRicci, T.* ; Finizola, A.* ; Barde-Cabusson, S.* ; Delcher, E.* ; Alparone, S.* ; Gambino, S.* ; Milluzzo, V.* 
2006Influences of urban fabric on pyroclastic density currents at Pompeii (Italy), part II: temperature of the deposits and hazard implicationsZanella, E.* ; Gurioli, L.* ; Pareschi, M. T.* ; Lanza, R.* 
30-May-2007Influences of urban fabric on pyroclastic density currents at Pompeii (Italy): 2. Temperature of the deposits and hazard implicationsZanella, E.* ; Gurioli, L.* ; Pareschi, M. T.* ; Lanza, R.* 
2006Interannual variation patterns of total ozone and lower stratospheric temperature in observations and model simulationsSteinbrecht, W.* ; Haßler, B.* ; Bruhl, C.* ; Dameris, C.* ; Giorgetta, M.* ; Grewe, V.* ; Manzini, E.* ; Matthes, S.* ; Schnadt, C.* ; Steil, B.* ; Winkler, P.* 
May-2016Mapping fumarolic fields in volcanic areas: A methodological approach based on the case study of La Fossa cone, Vulcano island (Italy)Madonia, P.* ; Cangemi, M.* ; Costa, M.* ; Madonia, I.* 
2009New geological insights and structural control on fluid circulation in La Fossa cone (Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy)Barde-Cabusson, S.* ; Finizola, A.* ; Revil, A.* ; Ricci, T.* ; Piscitelli, S.* ; Rizzo, E.* ; Angeletti, B.* ; Balasco, M.* ; Bennati, L.* ; Byrdina, S.* ; Carzaniga, N.* ; Crespy, A.* ; Di Gangi, F.* ; Morin, J.* ; Perrone, A.* ; Rossi, M.* ; Roulleau, E.* ; Suski, B.* ; Villeneuve, N.* 
Jan-2009Re-analyses in the global ocean at CMCC-INGV: examples and applicationsMasina, S.* ; Di Pietro, P.* ; Storto, A.* ; Dobricic, S.* ; Alessandri, A.* ; Cherchi, A.* 
Nov-2007Using Temperature–Salinity Relations in a Global Ocean Implementation of a Multivariate Data Assimilation SchemeBellucci, A.* ; Masina, S.* ; Di Pietro, P.* ; Navarra, A.*