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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1995The 1638 earthquakes, migratory phenomena and geolinguistic consequences in CalabriaChiodo, G.* ; Guerra, I.* ; Trumper, J.* 
2012The 1762 October 6 earthquake in the Middle Aterno Valley (L'Aquila, Central Italy): new constraints and new insightsTertulliani, A.* ; Cucci, L.* ; Rossi, A.* ; Castelli, V.* 
2015The 2012 Emilia earthquake sequence: an attempt of historical readingGraziani, L.* ; Bernardini, F.* ; Castellano, C.* ; Del Mese, S.* ; Ercolani, E.* ; Rossi, A.* ; Tertulliani, A.* ; Vecchi, M.* 
May-2014The AHEAD Portal: A Gateway to European Historical Earthquake DataLocati, M.* ; Rovida, A.* ; Albini, P.* ; Massimiliano, S.* 
23-Oct-2013Archaeological evidence for a possible first century AD earthquake in the necropolis of Abakainon (NE Sicily)Bottari, C.* ; Barbano, M. S.* ; Pirrotta, C.* ; Azzaro, R.* ; Ristuccia, G.* ; Gueli, A.* 
2006Archaeoseismology: methodological issues and procedureGaladini, F.* ; Hinzen, K. G.*; Stiros, S.*
2004A brief history of a restless vision: seismological research in VenezuelaAltez, R.* ; Grases, J.* 
2004Catalogues of historical earthquakes in ItalyCamassi, R. 
2004Damage scenario of the earthquake on 23 July 1930 in Melfi: the contribution of technical documentationTerenzio Gizzi, F.* ; Masini, N.* 
Jan-2009Earthquakes and Tsunamis in the Past. A Guide to Techniques in Historical SeismologyGuidoboni, E.* ; Ebel, J. E.*
2015The earthquakes of Aleppo and the region of the "Dead Cities" (Syria) 7th-15th centuryGuidoboni, E.* ; Comastri, A.* 
2004A glimpse at the historical seismology of the West IndiesVogt, J. 
1993Historical seismology and seismic hazardStucchi, M. 
2006Il terremoto di Casamicciola del 1883: una ricostruzione mancataLuongo, G.* ; Carlino, S.* ; Cubellis, E.* ; Delizia, I.* ; Iannuzzi, R.* ; Obrizzo, F.* 
2004Implications of some early Jewish sources for estimates of earthquake hazardin the Holy LandKarcz, I. 
2008Investigation of pre-1700 Earthquakes Between the Adda and the Middle Adige River Basins (Southern Alps)Stucchi, M.* ; Galadini, F.* ; Rovida, A.* ; Moroni, A.* ; Albini, P.* ; Mirto, C.* ; Migliavacca, P.* 
2008Jean Vogt 1929-2005. His Life as a Seismologist, Geologist, Geographer, and HistorianFréchet, J.* ; Albini, P.* 
Nov-1995The medieval earthquakes of the Armenian Plateau and the historic towns of Ayrarat and Shirak (Dvin, Ani, Erevan)Hasrat'yan, M. 
Oct-1996Paleoseismology related to deformed archaeological remains in the Fucino Plain. Implications for subrecent seismicity in Central ItalyGaladini, F.* ; Galli, P.* 
Oct-1996Problems of reliability in earthquake parameters determination from historicaI recordsCastelli, V.* ; Monachesi, G.*