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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2004Comparison of Integrated Geodetic Data Models and Satellite Radar Interferograms to Infer Magma Storage During the 19911993 Mt. Etna EruptionBonaccorso, A.* ; Sansosti, E.* ; Berardino, P.* 
13-Nov-2004Dynamics of Mount Etna Volcano inferred from static and kinematic GPS measurementsPuglisi, G.* ; Bonforte, A.* 
2006Dynamics of the eastern flank of Mt. Etna volcano (Italy) investigated by a dense GPS networkBonforte, A.* ; Puglisi, G.* 
10-Sep-2014Dynamics of Vulcano Island investigated by long-term (40 years) geophysical dataBonforte, Alessandro* ; Alparone, Salvatore* ; Gambino, Salvatore* ; Guglielmino, Francesco* ; Obrizzo, Francesco* ; Velardita, Rosanna* 
2015Evidence of thermal-driven processes triggering the 2005–2014 unrest at Campi Flegrei calderaChiodini, G.* ; Vandemeulebrouck, J.* ; Caliro, S.* ; D'Auria, L.* ; De Martino, P.* ; Mangiacapra, A.* ; Petrillo, Z.* 
2004Finite element analysis of ground deformation due to dike intrusion with applications to Mt. Etna volcanoOcchipinti Amato, A.* ; Elia, M.* ; Bonaccorso, A.* ; La Rosa, G.* 
2007Geometric and kinematic variations along the active Pernicana fault: Implication for the dynamics of Mount Etna NE flank (Italy)Bonforte, A.* ; Branca, S.* ; Palano, M.* 
2010Hydrothermal instability and ground displacement at the Campi Flegrei calderaRinaldi, A. P.* ; Todesco, M.* ; Bonafede, M.* 
20-Aug-2011Imaging the multi‐level magma reservoir at Mt. Etna volcano (Italy)Aloisi, M.* ; Mattia, M.* ; Ferlito, C.* ; Palano, M.* ; Bruno, V.* ; Cannavò, F.* 
2006Implementing a warning system for Stromboli volcanoNunnari, G.* ; Puglisi, G.* ; Gargaun, F.* 
15-Sep-2013The influence of erosional processes on the visibility of Permanent Scatterers Features from SAR remote sensing on Mount Etna (E Sicily)Catalano, S.* ; Bonforte, A.* ; Guglielmino, F.* ; Romagnoli, G.* ; Tarsia, C.* ; Tortorici, G.* 
2013Insights into magma and f luid transfer at Mount Etna by a multiparametric approach: A model of the events leading to the 2011 eruptive cyclePatanè, D.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Aloisi, M.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Cannata, A.* ; Coltelli, M.* ; Di Grazia, G.* ; Gambino, S.* ; Gurrieri, S.* ; Mattia, M.* ; Salerno, G.* 
Feb-2007Integrated inversion of ground deformation and magnetic data at Etna volcano using a genetic algorithm techniqueCurrenti, G.* ; Del Negro, C.* ; Fortuna, L.* ; Ganci, G.* 
Aug-2006Kinematics and strain analyses of the eastern segment of the Pernicana Fault (Mt. Etna, Italy) derived from geodetic techniques (1997-2005)Palano, M.* ; Aloisi, M.* ; Amore, M.* ; Bonforte, A.* ; Calvagna, F.* ; Cantarero, M.* ; Consoli, O.* ; Consoli, S.* ; Guglielmino, F.* ; Mattia, M.* ; Puglisi, B.* ; Puglisi, G.* 
21-May-2015Multiparametric study of the February-April 2013 paroxysmal phase of Mt. Etna New South-East craterSpampinato, L.* ; Sciotto, M.* ; Cannata, A.* ; Cannavò, F.* ; La Spina, A.* ; Palano, M.* ; Salerno, G.* ; Privitera, E.* ; Caltabiano, T.* 
1999Short-term ground deformations and seismicity in the resurgent Campi Flegrei caldera Italy/: an example of active block-resurgence in a densely populated areaOrsi, G.* ; Civetta, L.* ; Del Gaudio, C.* ; de Vita, S.* ; Di Vito, M. A.* ; Isaia, R.* ; Petrazzuoli, S. M.* ; Ricciardi, G. P.* ; Ricco, C.* 
2008Sources of ground movement at Vesuvius before the AD 79 eruption: Evidence from contemporary accounts and archaeological studiesMarturano, A. 
2013Spatial and temporal distribution of vertical ground movements at Mt. Vesuvius in the period 1973-2009Pingue, F.* ; Bottiglieri, M.* ; Godano, C.* ; Obrizzo, F.* ; Tammaro, U.* ; Esposito, T.* ; Serio, C.* 
2008Stromboli 2007 eruption: Deflation modeling to infer shallow-intermediate plumbing system.Bonaccorso, A.* ; Gambino, S.* ; Guglielmino, F.* ; Mattia, M.* ; Puglisi, G.* ; Boschi, E.* 
2007The study of tilt change recorded from July to October 2006 at the Phlegrean Fields (Naples, Italy)Ricco, C.* ; Aquino, I.* ; Borgstrom, S.* ; Del Gaudio, C.*