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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jan-2008The Albano Maar Lake high resolution bathymetry and dissolved CO2 budget (Colli Albani volcano, Italy): Constrains to hazard evaluationAnzidei, M.* ; Carapezza, M. L.* ; Esposito, A.* ; Giordano, G.* ; Lelli, M.* ; Tarchini, L.* 
Jan-2009Bacterial and archaeal populations at two shallow hydrothermal vents off Panarea Island (Eolian Islands, Italy)Maugeri, T.* ; Lentini, V.* ; Gugliandolo, C.* ; Italiano, F.* ; Cousin, S.* ; Stackebrandt, E.* 
2011Detection of fresh and thermal waters over an island with extinct volcanism: the island of Salina (Aeolian arc, Italy)Italiano, F.* ; Caruso, C.* 
Jun-2015Environmental pre-exploitation monitoring of Torre Alfina geothermal system (Central Italy)Carapezza, M. L.* ; Gattuso, A.* ; Pagliuca, N. M.* ; Ranaldi, M.* ; Sortino, F.* ; Tarchini, L.* ; Zanolin, F.* ; Badiali, L.* ; Console, R.* ; Frepoli, A.* ; Lisi, A.* ; Marchetti, A.* ; Mele, G.* 
Nov-2015First assessment of flux and origin of methane at the ciomadu post-volcanic area (Romania)Ionescu, Artur* ; Kis, Boglarka-Mercedesz* ; Baciu, Calin* ; Brisan, Nicoleta* ; Cozma, Alexandra* ; Sciarra, Alessandra* ; Moldovan, Mircea* ; Etiope, Giuseppe* 
20-Apr-2010Fluids and Earthquakes: the geochemical approach to gain a better insight into seismogenesisItaliano, Francesco 
4-Aug-2008Geochemical evaluation of observed changes in volcanic activity during the 2007 eruption at Stromboli (Italy)Rizzo, A.* ; Grassa, F.* ; Inguaggiato, s.* ; Liotta, M.* ; Longo, M.* ; Madonia, P.* ; Brusca, L.* ; Capasso, G.* ; Morici, S.* ; Rouwet, D.* ; Vita, F.* 
10-May-2009Geochemical evaluation of observed changes in volcanic activity during the 2007 eruption at Stromboli (Italy)Rizzo, A.* ; Grassa, F.* ; Inguaggiato, S.* ; Liotta, M.* ; Longo, M..* ; Madonia, P.* ; Brusca, L.* ; Capasso, G.* ; Morici, S.* ; Rouwet, D.* ; Vita, F.* 
2-Nov-2004Geochemical evidence of seismogenic-induced anomalies in the dissolved gases of thermal waters: A case study of Umbria (Central Apennines, Italy) both during and after the 1997-1998 seismic swarmItaliano, F.* ; Martinelli, G.* ; Rizzo, A.* 
29-Nov-2011Geochemical features of the gas phase extracted from sea-water and rocks of the Marsili seamount (Tyrrhenian sea, Italy): implications for geothermal exploration projectsItaliano, Francesco* ; Caso, Carlo* ; Cavallo, Andrea* ; Favali, Paolo* ; Fu, Chen* ; Iezzi, Gianluca* ; Martelli, Mauro* ; Mollo, Silvio* ; Paltrinieri, Diego* ; Paonita, Antonio* ; Rizzo, Andrea* ; Signanini, Patrizio* ; Ventura, Guido* 
2013Geochemical insight into differences in the physical structures and dynamics of two adjacent maar lakes at Mt. Vulture volcano (southern Italy)Caracausi, A.* ; Nuccio, P. M.* ; Favara, R.* ; Nicolosi, M.* ; Paternoster, M.* ; Rosciglione, A.* 
24-May-2011Geomorphological and geochemical characterization of the August 11, 2008 mud volcano eruption at S. Barbara village (Sicily, Italy) and its possible relationship with seismic activityMadonia, P.* ; Grassa, F.* ; Cangemi, M.* ; Musumeci, C.* 
Aug-2009Helium and carbon isotopes in the dissolved gases of Friuli Region (NE Italy): Geochemical evidence of CO2 production and degassing over a seismically active areaItaliano, F.* ; Bonfanti, P.* ; Ditta, M.* ; Petrini, R.* ; Slejko, F.* 
5-Jun-2004Inferences on physico-chemical conditions and gas-water interaction by new quantitative approaches: The case of Panarea (Italy)Caracausi, A.* ; Ditta, M.* ; Italiano, F.* ; Longo, M.* ; Maugeri, R.* ; Nuccio, P. M.* ; Paonita, A.* 
2006Initiation and evolution of intra-oceanic subduction in the Uralides: Geochemical and isotopic constraints from Devonian oceanic rocks of the Southern Urals, RussiaSpadea, P.* ; D'antonio, M.* 
2013Insights into magma and f luid transfer at Mount Etna by a multiparametric approach: A model of the events leading to the 2011 eruptive cyclePatanè, D.* ; Aiuppa, A.* ; Aloisi, M.* ; Behncke, B.* ; Cannata, A.* ; Coltelli, M.* ; Di Grazia, G.* ; Gambino, S.* ; Gurrieri, S.* ; Mattia, M.* ; Salerno, G.* 
Jun-2014Large-scale numerical modelling of CO2 injection and containment phases for an Italian near-coast reservoir using PFLOTRANOrsini, P.* ; Cantucci, B.* ; Quattrocchi, F.* 
10-Jan-2008A late Cretaceous contamination episode of the European–Mediterranean mantlePiromallo, C.* ; Gasperini, D.* ; Macera, P.* ; Faccenna, C.* 
2008Magma dynamics during the 2007 Stromboli eruption (Aeolian Islands. Italy): Mineralogical, geochemical and isotopic dataLandi, P.* ; Corsaro, R. A.* ; Francalanci, L.* ; Civetta, L.* ; Miraglia, L.* ; Pompilio, M.* ; Tesoro, R.* 
2005Monitoring of fumarole discharge and CO2 soil degassing in the Azores: contribution to volcanic surveillance and public health risk assessmentFerreira, T.* ; Gaspar, J. L.* ; Viveiros, F.* ; Marcos, M.* ; Faria, C.* ; Sousa, F.*