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2009Changes in Tropical Cyclone Activity due to Global Warming in a General Circulation ModelGualdi, S.* ; Scoccimarro, E.* ; Navarra, A.* 
2006Effects of Land-Surface-Vegetation on the boreal summer surface climate of a GCMAlessandri, A.* ; Gualdi, S.* ; Polcher, J.* ; Navarra, A.* 
May-2011Global and regional ocean carbon uptake and climate change: sensitivity to a substantial mitigation scenarioVichi, M.* ; Manzini, E.* ; Fogli, P. G.* ; Alessandri, A.* ; Patara, L.* ; Scoccimarro, E.* ; Masina, S.* ; Navarra, A.* 
Feb-2006MATLAB and Practical Applications on Climate Variability StudiesScoccimarro, E.* ; Carril, A. F.* 
Oct-1998On baroclinic adjustment of a radiative convective atmosphereBordi, I.* ; Sutera, A.* 
2007A Record of Antarctic Climate and Ice Sheet History RecoveredNaish, T.* ; Powell, R.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Harwood, D.* ; Kuhn, G.* ; Niessen, F.* ; Talarico, F.* ; Wilson, G.* 
2009The role of mean ocean salinity in climateWilliams, P. D.*; Guilyardi, E.*; Madec, G.*; Gualdi, S.*; Scoccimarro, E.* 
Sep-2010The role of ocean dynamics on NAO variability under global warming conditionsBellucci, Alessio* ; Gualdi, Silvio* ; Scoccimarro, Enrico* ; Sanna, Antonella* ; Oddo, Paolo* ; Navarra, Antonio* 
2003Satellite rainfall estimates: new perspectives for meteorology and climate from the EURAINSAT projectLevizzani, V.