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14-Apr-2007Abrupt change in mantle fabric across northern Apennines detected using seismic anisotropySalimbeni, S.* ; Pondrelli, S.* ; Margheriti, L.* ; Levin, V.* ; Jeffrey, P.* ; Jaroslava, P.* 
1997The anisotropic volume of Mt.Etna: possible relationship with the stress-fieldBianco, F.* ; Castellano, M.* 
Sep-1994Anisotropies of anhysteretic remanence and magnetic susceptibility of marly clays from Central ItalyWinkler, A.* ; Sagnotti, L.* 
Mar-1997Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility of rocks induced by experimental deformationHao, J.* ; Gu, Z.* ; Zhou, J.* 
1994Etna: seismic propagative effects and waveform compositionBianco, F.* ; Castellano, M.* 
5-Jul-2010Forecasting macroseismic scenarios through anisotropic attenuation: a Bayesian approachRotondi, R.* ; Azzaro, R.* ; D'Amico, S.* ; Tuvè, T.* ; Zonno, G.* 
17-Jun-2010Guidelines to use the software PROSCENRenata, R.* ; Zonno, G.* 
11-Jan-1995L'anisotropia sismica all'Etna: problematiche connesse e relazioni col campo di stressBianco, F.* ; Castellano, M.* ; Milano, G.* ; Vilardo, G.* 
24-Apr-2005Lateral Changes of seismic anisotropy in the upper mantle around the Northern ApenninesPondrelli, S.* ; Margheriti, L.* ; Baccheschi, P.* ; Piana Agostinetti, N.* ; Piccinini, D.* ; Plomerova, J.* ; Amato, A.* ; Park, J.* ; Brandon, M.* ; RETREAT Seismology Team* 
Jun-1997The magnetic anisotropy of rocks: principles, techniques and geodynamic applications in the Italian peninsulaWinkler, A.* ; Alfonsi, L.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Sagnotti, L.* ; Speranza, F.* 
Mar-1996Shear-wave polarization alignment on the eastern flank of Mt. Etna volcano (Sicily, Italy)Bianco, F.* ; Castellano, M.* ; Milano, G.* ; Vilardo, G.* 
15-May-1998Structural and seismological features of the 1989 syn-eruptive NNW-SSE fracture system at Mt. EtnaBianco, F.* ; Castellano, M.* ; Ventura, G.* 
May-2008Subduction rollback, slab breakoff, and induced strain in the uppermost mantle beneath ItalyLucente, F. P.* ; Margheriti, L.* 
11-Jan-2011Topography of the Calabria subduction zone (southern Italy): Clues for the origin of Mt. EtnaFaccenna, C.*; Molin, P.*; Orecchio, B.*; Olivetti, V.*; Bellier, O.*; Funiciello, F.*; Minelli, L.*; Piromallo, C.* ; Billi, A.*