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2010Active faulting in the Maiella massif (central Apennines, Italy)Pizzi, A.* ; Falcucci, E.* ; Gori, S.* ; Galadini, F.* ; Messina, P.* ; Di Vincenzo, M.* ; Esestime, P.* ; Giaccio, B.* ; Pomposo, G.* ; Sposato, A.* 
Oct-2007Database of Individual Seismogenic Sources (DISS), Version 3.0.4: A compilation of potential sources for earthquakes larger than M 5.5 in Italy and surrounding areas.DISS Working Group,* ; Barba, S.* ; Basili, R.* ; Burrato, P.* ; Fracassi, U.* ; Tiberti, M. M.* ; Valensise, G.* ; Vannoli, P.* 
14-Apr-2007The Database of Individual Seismogenic Sources (DISS), version 3: summarizing 20 years of research on Italy’s earthquake geologyBasili, R.* ; Valensise, G.* ; Vannoli, P.* ; Burrato, P.* ; Fracassi, U.* ; Mariano, S.* ; Tiberti, M. M.* ; Boschi, E.* 
31-May-2010Deliverable # 3.01.2 Slip rate data of seismogenic sources included in DISSBasili, R.* ; Kastelic, V.* ; Burrato, P.* ; D'Ambrogi, C.* ; Carafa, M. M. C.* ; Barba, S.* 
4-Jun-2010Deliverable # 3.01.5 Results of tectonic validation for the seismogenic source model (DISS)Basili, R.* ; Barba, S.* 
30-May-2010Deliverable # D3.01.4 Probability of occurrence for earthquakes generated by individual faults and the associated uncertaintiesBasili, R.* ; Akinci, A.* 
9-Nov-2010Detecting young, slow‐slipping active faults by geologic and multidisciplinary high‐resolution geophysical investigations: A case study from the Apennine seismic belt, Italy.Improta, L.* ; Ferranti, L.* ; De Martini, P. M.* ; Piscitelli, S.* ; Bruno, P. P.* ; Burrato, P.* ; Civico, R.* ; Giocoli, A.* ; Iorio, M.* ; D'Addezio, G.* ; Maschio, L.* 
28-Jun-2012Fault slip rates for the active External Dinarides thrust-and-fold beltKastelic, V.* ; Carafa, M. M. C.* 
2012Gas seepage and seismogenic structures along the North-Anatolian Fault in the eastern Sea of MarmaraGasperini, L.* ; Polonia, A.* ; Del Bianco, F.* ; Etiope, G.* ; Marinaro, G.* ; Favali, P.* ; Italiano, F.* ; Cagatay, M. N.* 
19-Apr-2013Integrating geologic fault data into tsunami hazard studiesBasili, R.* ; Tiberti, M. M.* ; Kastelic, V.* ; Romano, F.* ; Piatanesi, A.* ; Selva, J.* ; Lorito, S.* 
May-1996Palaeoseismologic and geomorphic investigations along the middle portion of the Ovindoli-Pezza Fault (Central Italy)D'Addezio, G.* ; Pantosti, D.* ; De Martini, P. M.* 
2003Paleoseismology of silent faults in the Central Apennines (Italy): the Campo Imperatore Fault (Gran Sasso Range Fault System)Galadini, F.* ; Galli, P.* ; Moro, M.* 
2003Paleoseismology of silent faults in the Central Apennines (Italy): the Mt. Vettore and Laga Mts. FaultsGaladini, F.* ; Galli, P.* 
25-Aug-2010Present-day stress in the area of L'Aquila April 6 2009 earthquake (Italy)Mariucci, M. T.* ; Pierdominici, S.* ; Montone, P.* 
2004Raised marine terraces in the Northern Calabrian Arc (Southern Italy): a ~ 600 kyr-long geological record of regional upliftCucci, L. 
2011Reply to: Comment on ‘Insights from the Mw 6.3, 2009 L’Aquila earthquake (central Apennines) - Unveiling new seismogenic sources through their surface signatures: the adjacent San Pio Fault’Di Bucci, D.* ; Vannoli, P.* ; Burrato, P.* ; Fracassi, U.* ; Valensise, G.* 
19-Apr-2015Shallow subsurface imaging of the Piano di Pezza active normal fault (central Italy) using high-resolution refraction and electrical resistivity tomography coupled with time-domain electromagnetic dataVillani, Fabio* ; Tulliani, Valerio* ; Sapia, Vincenzo* ; Fierro, Elisa* ; Civico, Riccardo* ; Baccheschi, Paola* ; Di Giulio, Giuseppe* ; Vassallo, Maurizio* ; Pantosti, Daniela* 
9-Sep-2009Towards a seismogenic source model of the DinaridesKastelic, V.* ; Tiberti, M. M.* ; Rovida, A.* ; Albini, P.* ; Basili, R.* 
15-Dec-2008The Vallo di Diano Range-Bounding Fault-System (Southern Italy): New Evidence of Recent Activity From High-Resolution Seismic ProfilingCastiello, A.* ; Villani, F.* ; Bruno, P. P.* ; Improta, L.* ; De Rosa, D.* ; Di Fiore, V.* ; Punzo, M.* ; Varriale, F.* ; Montone, P.* ; Pierdominici, S.* ; Rapolla, A.*