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Sep-2012Constraining the onset of the Holocene “Neoglacial” over the central Italy using tephra layersZanchetta, G.* ; Giraudi, C.* ; Sulpizio, R.* ; Drysdale, R. N.* ; Sadori, L.* 
21-Jun-2002Contrasting styles of Mt. Vesuvius activity in the period between the Avellino and Pompeii Plinian eruptions, and some implications for assessment of future hazards.Andronico, D.* ; Cioni, R.* 
2014The Large Explosive Activity of Mt. Etna as Recorded in Distal TephrostratigraphySulpizio, R.* ; Groppelli, G.* ; Insinga, D.* ; Branca, S.* ; Del Carlo, P.* ; Tamburrino, S.* ; Zanchetta, G.* 
2016Marine response to climate changes during the last five millennia in the central Mediterranean SeaMargaritelli, G.* ; Vallefuoco, M.* ; Di Rita, F.* ; Capotondi, L.* ; Bellucci, L. G.* ; Insinga, D. D.* ; Petrosino, P.* ; Bonomo, S.* ; Cacho, I.* ; Cascella, Antonio* ; Ferraro, L.* ; Florindo, Fabio* ; Lubritto, C.* ; Lurcock, Pontus Conrad* ; Magri, D.* ; Pelosi, N.* ; Rettori, R.* ; Lirer, F.* 
1-Oct-2012The Mt. Moio eruption (Etna): Stratigraphy, petrochemistry and 40Ar/39Ar age determination with inferences on the relationship between structural setting and magma intrusionDel Carlo, P.* ; Branca, S.* ; De Beni, E.* ; Lo Castro, M. D.* ; Wijbrans, J. R.* 
2014Volcanic ash hazard in the Central Mediterranean area assessed from geological dataSulpizio, R.* ; Zanchetta, G.* ; Caron, B.* ; Dellino, P.* ; Mele, D.* ; Giaccio, B.* ; Insiga, D.* ; Paterne, M.* ; Siani, G.* ; Costa, A.* ; Macedonio, G.* ; Santacroce, R.*