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2013Automatic recognition of landslide seismic signals based on neural network analysis of seismic signals: an application to the monitoring of Stromboli volcano (Southern Italy)Esposito, A. M.* ; D'Auria, L.* ; Giudicepietro, F.* ; Peluso, R.* ; Martini, M.* 
May-2009The Broadband Seismic Network of Stromboli Volcano, ItalyDe Cesare, W.* ; Peluso, R.* ; Scarpato, G.* ; Caputo, A.* ; D’Auria, L.* ; Giudicepietro, F.* ; Martini, M.* ; Buonocunto, C.* ; Capello, M.* ; Esposito, A. M.* 
2010Geochemical evidence of the renewal of volcanic activity 5 inferred from CO2 soil and SO2 plume fluxes: the 2007 6 Stromboli eruption (Italy)Inguaggiato, S.* ; Vita, F.* ; Rouwet, D.* ; Bobrowski, N.* ; Morici, S.* ; Sollami, A.* 
Apr-2010A LiDAR survey of Stromboli volcano (Italy): Digital elevation model-based geomorphology and intensity analysisFornaciai, A.* ; Bisson, M.* ; Mazzarini, F.* ; Pareschi, M. T.* ; Landi, P.* 
2013New insights into volcanic processes at Stromboli from Cerberus, a remote-controlled open-path FTIR scanner systemLa Spina, A.* ; Burton, M. R.* ; Harig, R.* ; Mure, F.* ; Rausch, P.* ; Jordan, M.* ; Caltabiano, T.* 
2004Seismic Signals Associated with Landslides and with a Tsunami at Stromboli Volcano, ItalyLa Rocca, M.* ; Galluzzo, D.* ; Saccorotti, G.* ; Tinti, S.* ; Cimini, G. B.* ; Del Pezzo, E.* 
2004The Stromboli Volcano landslides of December 2002: A seismological descriptionPino, N. A.* ; Ripepe, M.* ; Cimini, G. B.*