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2008‘‘Earliest Zanclean age for the Colombacci and uppermost Di Tetto formations of the « latest Messinian » northern Apennines: New palaeoenvironmental data from the Maccarone section (Marche Province, Italy)’’ by Popescu et al. (2007) Geobios 40 (359–373)Roveri, M.* ; Bertini, A.* ; Cipollari, P.* ; Cosentino, D.* ; Di Stefano, A.* ; Florindo, F.* ; Gennari, R.* ; Gliozzi, E.* ; Grossi, F.* ; Iaccarino, S.* ; Lugli, S.* ; Manzi, V.* 
5-Oct-2012Inconsistent magnetic polarities in magnetite-and greigite-bearing sediments: Understanding complex magnetizations in the late Messinian in the Adana Basin (southern Turkey)Lucifora, S.* ; Cifelli, F.* ; Mattei, M.* ; Sagnotti, L.* ; Cosentino, D.* ; Roberts, A. P.* 
30-Jan-2008The Messinian–early Pliocene stratigraphic record in the southern Bajo Segura Basin (Betic Cordillera, Spain): Implications for the Mediterranean salinity crisisSoria, J. M.* ; Caracuel, J. E.* ; Corbí, H.* ; Dinarès-Turell, J.* ; Lancis, C.* ; Tent-Manclús, J. E.* ; Viseras, C.* ; Yébenes, A.* 
2010Nannoplankton biostratigraphic calibration of the evaporitic events in the Neogene Fortuna Basin (SE Spain)Lancis, C.* ; Tent-Manclús, J.* ; Soria, J.* ; Caracuel, J.* ; Corbí, H.* ; Dinarès-Turell, J.* ; Estévez, A.* ; Yébenes, A.* 
2007Palaeoceanographic controls on reef deposition: the Messinian Cariatiz reef (Sorbas Basin, Almería, SE Spain)Sánchez-Almazo, I. M.* ; Braga, J. C.* ; Dinarès-Turell, J.* ; Martín, J. M.* ; Spiro, B.*