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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Nov-2005The Aigion–Neos Erineos coastal normal fault system (western Corinth Gulf Rift, Greece): Geomorphological signature, recent earthquake history, and evolutionPalyvos, N.* ; Pantosti, D.* ; De Martini, P. M.* ; Lemeille, F.* ; Sorel, D.* ; Pavlopoulos, K.* 
Nov-1995Archaeological evidence of antiseismic constructions in antiquityStiros, S. C. 
31-Mar-2008ARSENIC IN THERMAL WATERS OF GREECED'Alessandro, W.* ; Bellomo, S.* ; Brusca, L.* ; Kyriakopoulos, K.* ; Karakazanis, S.* 
20-Jul-2013Carbon dioxide manifestations and related hazard along the Hellenic territoryD'Alessandro, W.* ; Kyriakopoulos, K.*
Feb-2017Chemical parameters as natural tracers in hydrogeology: a case study of Louros karst system, GreeceKatsanou, K.* ; Lambrakis, N.* ; D'Alessandro, W.* ; Siavalas, G.* 
2006Comparative performance of time-invariant, long-range and short-range forecasting models on the earthquake catalogue of GreeceConsole, R.* ; Rhoades, D. A.* ; Murru, M.* ; Evison, F. F.* ; Papadimitriou, E. E.* ; Karakosta, V. G.* 
2009Correlation of Static Stress Changes and Earthquake Occurrence inRhoades, D. A.* ; Papadimitriou, E. E.* ; Karakostas, V. G.* ; Console, R.* ; Murru, M.* 
19-May-2010GEOCHEMICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF NATURAL GAS MANIFESTATIONS IN GREECED'Alessandro, W.* ; Brusca, L.* ; Martelli, M.* ; Rizzo, A.* ; Kyriakopoulos, K.* 
7-Mar-2014Geological setting, geothermal conditions and hydrochemistry of south and southeastern Aegean geothermal systemsPapachristou, M.* ; Voudouris, K.* ; Karakatsanis, S.* ; D'Alessandro, W.* ; Kyriakopoulos, K.* 
May-1996Geomorphic and archaeological -historical evidence for past ealihquakes in GreeceGaki-Papanastassiou, K.* ; Papanastassiou, D.* ; Maroukian, H.* 
May-2007Geomorphological reconnaissance of the Psathopyrgos and Rion-Patras Fault Zones (Achaia, NW Peloponnesus)Palyvos, N.* ; Pantosti, D.* ; Stamatopoulos, L.* ; De Martini, P. M.* 
31-Mar-2008GROUNDWATER QUALITY ISSUES IN THE FLORINA AREA (N. GREECE)D'Alessandro, W.* ; Brusca, L.* ; Kyriakopoulos, K.* ; Karakazanis, S.* 
May-1996Holocene uplift and palaeoseismicity on the Eliki Fault, Western Gulf of Corinth, GreeceStewart, I. 
Mar-1995Inference of a seismic gap from geological data: Thessaly ( Central Greece) as a case studyCaputo, R. 
13-Apr-2008INGV Broad Band Ocean Bottom Seismometers deployed in the Ionian SeaGiuseppe, D'Anna* ; Giorgio, M.* ; Alessandro, A.* ; Antonino, D'Alessandro* ; Giulio, S.* 
17-Jun-2016Kolumbo submarine volcano (Greece): An active window into the Aegean subduction systemRizzo, A. L.* ; Caracausi, A.* ; Chavagnac, V.* ; Nomikou, P.* ; Polymenakou, P. N.* ; Mandalakis, M.* ; Kotoulas, G.* ; Magoulas, A.* ; Castillo, A.* ; Lampridou, D.* 
Mar-1997The latest aspects of telluric and electromagnetic variations associated with shallow and intermediate depth earthquakes in the South AegeanNomikos, K.* ; Vallianatos, F.* ; Kaliakatsos, I.* ; Sideris, E.* ; Bakatsakis, M.* 
2005Microgravity and GPS monitoring for the volcanic hazard. The 2001-2004 results in the case-history of Nisyros Volcano (Dodecannese archipelagos, Greece).Colombi, Antonio* ; Di Filippo, Michele* ; Di Nezza, Maria* ; Toro, Beniamino* 
6-Oct-2010A new velocity field for Greece: Implications for the kinematics and dynamics of the AegeanFloyd, M. A.*; Billiris, H.*; Paradissis, D.*; Veis, G.*; Avallone, A.* ; Briole, P.*; McClusky, S.*; Nocquet, J.-M.*; Palamartchouk, K.*; Parsons, B. E.*; England, P. C.*
15-Dec-2008On the Mw 6.4 SW-Achaia (western Greece) earthquake sequence of 8 June 2008: Seismological, field, GPS observations and stress modelingGanas, A.* ; Serpelloni, E.* ; Drakatos, G.* ; Kolligri, M.* ; Adamis, I.* ; Tsimi, Ch.* ; Batsi, E.*